GLAGG - The world’s smallest universal holding device

GLAGG attaches everything securely and really looks great, too. GLAGG was specially developed for mobile phones and electronic devices and is getting used for all kinds of conceivable needs.

GLAGG is particularly suitable for: remote controls, mobile phones, mp3-players, navigation devices, PDAs, shavers, baby-phones, LCD-frames, loudspeakers, garage openers, doorstoppers, bathroom utensils, office items, wine openers, cutlery, alarm-clocks, tools, folders, displays, lighters, toys, name plates, mirrors, camping accessories and much more.

GLAGG can be used everywhere: in the car, in the living area, in the office, in the garden, at the campsite, just in any place and case where you need GLAGG.

GLAGG will stick to synthetic material, plastic, wood, metal, stone, ceramics, leather, plaster, etc. And above all: GLAGG can be removed easily and without any residues.

The product GLAGG is produced in Austria, which we are very proud of!